Million Dollar Referrals

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Forget social media, webinars, funnels, email marketing and everything else.
There’s a better, easier, faster way to get clients.

The Million Dollar Referral System

Get a Predictable Stream of Referral Clients

Start every week with a full pipeline and never worry about new business drying up

Referrals are the most profitable clients you can get:

  • They cost less to acquire (sometimes zero $), 
  • They choose to work with you quickly, 
  • Aren't as price-sensitive, 
  • Stay clients longer and 
  • Since they were a referral, they gladly refer more clients.

But most agencies struggle to consistently get & win referrals—if they get any at all

And most agency owners don’t even try! 

They’re scared asking for them, feel awkward if they ever bring it up, and silently hope their clients will magically refer warm leads to them.

The few that try end up doing it through trial and error, by hoping and praying, by stumbling and trying to figure it all out by themselves. 

It's guesswork. It's unreliable. And extremely stressful and often results in failure.

There’s an easy and simple way to get referrals—without feeling weird or awkward

I’m Sam Woods.

And before I sold my agency, I figured out how to build it on the back of referrals only.

The system works so well, it reliably generates over $1,000,000 per year.

And it's dead-simple.

With just one well-crafted (and specific) offer…

Coupled with a few strategic emails and follow-up sequence…

Every one client turns into 3, which eventually turns into 9—and on it goes, for years.

It’s like a client-getting flywheel that multiplies your clients into more dream clients, revenue and profit

All without being a pest, begging for awkward favors, or silently hoping-and-praying for someone to “share your name” with other people.

Now, for the first time, I’m going to give you the same system and process.

I’ve put together the full process I've used over the years to generate over $1 million dollars in referrals—every year—without fail.

This isn’t some book or video course filled with nonsense or outdated theory.

It includes the most concise, hardest-hitting, no-holds-barred, and street-tested tactics…

For immediately getting referrals—and growing your referrals every month (for as long as you want).

This is the stuff that’s working right now in 2022.

The single best way to attract highly profitable DREAM clients

Without using any outdated high-pressure sales tactics…

Without having to beg your prospects to listen to you…

Without wondering what will work.

Without having to figure it out for yourself.

Without cold-emailing.

Without DM-ing strangers or lukewarm prospects.

And without begging or awkwardly asking.

There is no “song and dance” routine or trying to convince prospects

Instead, you'll have prospects booking in on your calendar, asking to speak with YOU!

Even jumping through hoops and selling YOU on why you should take the time to speak with them.

Inside this course, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 Pillar Referral System turns your current clients into more clients WITHOUT being a pest or begging for a favor.
  • All the steps and systems you need to start landing high-ticket referral clients.
  • Get the exact step-by-step method, and emails that get your clients to happily refer new clients.
  • How to harness your connections so you're the ONLY logical choice to refer people to.
  • Discover how to find, cultivate, and encourage partners to send you referrals.
  • 8 video lessons with template toolkit, fast-start guide, content tracker spreadsheet and bonus materials. 
  • How to build instant trust and convert lukewarm introductions to clients in 48 hours—even if your price is $5k - $15k or more.
  • Small language shifts in your emails that make all the difference for having potential clients come to you.
  • How to stop feeling like you’re being judged by your clients when you bring up referrals.
  • A sneaky but ethical way that makes prospects feel like referring someone to you was their own idea.
  • Proven client-getting-funnels, frameworks and scientific customer acquisition (not hopes and prayers)
  • How to stop overthinking your emails, conversations and referral pitches.
  • The secrets of "Value-Based Follow-Up". This simple strategy cuts through the noise and makes sure potential clients pay attention to you only.
  • How to craft irresistible, unique offers that makes clients excited to put you in touch with their network and send you prospects.
  • A proven and predictable way to get your prospects coming to you… ONLY when they're ready, willing and able to become a client.
  • The breakthrough approach that guarantees your offer gets shared by others and drives a consistent stream of warm leads your way.
  • How to position yourself as the true authority and expert, without sleazy self-promotion or cringe-y content about how awesome you are.
  • What to never, ever write in your emails and offer pitch. If you make these mistakes, you're guaranteed to fail.
  • The three most powerful ways to influence your dream clients and establish yourself as the only person they buy from.
  • Why you should never ever tell a prospect how you can help them—and what to say instead.
  • How to channel intense desire and interest in your services while subtly undermining your competition.
  • The follow-up sequence that compels prospects to seek you out, demanding to get help from you.
  • How to eradicate resistance and skepticism. A simple approach that builds trust and goodwill.
  • The most effective ‘bait' to use to catch high-ticket ‘whale' clients. This is a power move that makes sure you don't chase anyone for anything, ever.
  • Exactly what to write in your very first email to clients and potential prospects that can 1.) Build unshakable trust and 2.) Create a ‘buying frenzy' for new leads on the very first contact.
  • What to include in your offers to create a self-perpetuating referral loop.
  • How to sell almost anything to anyone without ever talking to them over Zoom or DMs.
  • Framing secrets for attracting the best clients and "hyperactive buyers" in your market.

And a lot more!

There’s NO FLUFF. No 50+ videos and 20 worksheets...

Only the powerful essentials and what you need now to get your referral system up-and-running.

Who is this course for?

If you're struggling to get consistent and predictable referrals into your agency or freelancing business, this course is for you.

At AgencyOps, we take a contrarian approach to running our businesses. Instead of attempting a dozen tactics trying to generate countless leads we focus our acquisition strategies -- no wasted effort begging for referrals.

This drives more and better prospects into our funnel who have a high likelihood of converting into an ideal client.

Million Dollar Referrals is not for you if you are not an expert in your field or unwilling to deliver the best results for your clients.

Get everything you need today, learn and apply the proven lessons inside and generate consistent, qualified referrals.

Systemize your referrals & never worry about finding your next client again 

Module 1: The System

Discover the simple Referral Triangle that unlocks every possible way you can get referrals (most agencies only focus on one source—there are at least 3 more you can tap into). 

Once you know your source options, you’ll see exactly how to structure the 4 different kinds of referral offers. 

Never ask for a referral again—and have them come to you, instead.

Module 2: The Process

With your referral sources and offers in place, follow the easy 2-step process for engaging with your sources and start getting referrals within days or weeks. 

You’ll discover when to reach out, what to say, how to transition into your offer in a way that’s compelling and makes people want to refer others your way. 

Add the very specific way I show you how to re-engage with people over time (when, how, what to say) and you’ll never run out of referrals, ever.

Module 3: The Toolkit

This document contains every spreadsheet, templates, examples, and instructions so you can confidently complete every step. 

Use the tracker sheet to organize your follow-up (who, when, what you’re offering) and stay on-track to get at least one referral client within days. Edit the email templates with your details and fire off emails that work incredibly well for positioning you correctly—and makes sending you referrals a total no-brainer.

Download the 1-step fast-start action plan, crack open the toolkit, open your email, and get to work within minutes.

Each module, videos, documents and templates are instantly available today.

Get immediate access & enroll in Million Dollar Referrals today

The cost to acquire a client can easily exceed $1000. For a fraction of that, this training will help you build a referral system that lowers your marketing costs.

Get this video training course with PDF and editable docs, and the free bonuses for just $49.

Need some more help? Got questions? Want someone to review what you’ve got?

If you have questions or need guidance and coaching on what you’re offering, who you should contact for referrals, and doing it all—for a limited number of people who are serious, Sam Woods is offering a 1-on-1 advisory call.

Normally, an hour of Sam’s time is worth $750-2,500, depending on the topic. But for now you can book a 30-60 minute call with Sam for only $750 $299.

Please note: You must’ve gone through the course materials and started working on your referral sources, your offer, and the emails. Sam can only steer a moving car. If you’re doing nothing, there’s nothing he can do for you.

🛡30 Day NO-HASSLE Money-back Guarantee

If you go through the program and implement it and feel you didn't get enough value from it, request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. You can only receive a refund for the 1-on-1 advisory call if you do not use it within 30 days. No refunds after you have your advisory call.

Enroll in Million Dollar Referrals today.

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Million Dollar Referrals

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